High Country Face & Body Wash - 200ml

High Country Face & Body Wash - 200ml


The High Country Face & Body wash is possibly the first luxury face wash in the world designed specifically for after shaving.

Sometimes it seems like no matter how hard you try or what products you use, there will always be a moment of distraction that leads to a painful nick or cut during shaving. So at TWS we have gone to great lengths to address the issue by blending together ancient remedies and modern technology.

In traditional Central American medicine the sap from the Dragon’s Blood Tree was used to slow and clot bleeding. In our High Country Face & Body Wash we have used it to slow help slow down the annoying little bleeds you get from those little nicks and cuts. We then went a step further and included White Willow Bark extract, which has been used for centuries for its pain relieving qualities. Here it soothes the skin, acts as a natural antiseptic and helps to exfoliate dead skin cells making it perfect for oily or trouble skin.

This marriage of high quality ingredients will leave your skin feeling soothed and rejuvenated after a close shave. 

To compliment our luxurious ingredients we have developed a unique fragrance, inspired by the breathtaking High Country found in various parts of Australia. It uses earthy spices and fresh citrus notes to immediately transport you to a place where you can’t help but feel completely at ease.

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