High Country Shower Pack

High Country Shower Pack


Every man deserves a little bit of time to himself every day. Our High Country Shower Pack is the perfect way to give yourself permission to relax.

With a 200ml High Country Face & Body Wash you are giving yourself the best opportunity to take your mind to a distant place whilst your skin will be treated to absolute luxury in the here and now.

After your evening shave simply jump into the shower and rinse your shaving cream off under hot water. Pour a small amount of our Face & Body Wash into the palm of your hand (about a 20c piece sized portion should do it).  Work the Face & Body Wash into a lather and apply it gently to your face paying close attention to the neck and jaw line.

Whilst you take a few long deep breaths the organic active ingredients will do their work with the Dragons Blood helping to slow down any little bleeds or micro tears inflicted by your worn out shaver and the White Willow Bark helping to calm down the angry and irritated skin.

After a few minutes, use your 100% Organic Cotton Face cloth to wipe off the Face & Body Wash. Revel in the 32s thread count of your plush 30cm squared ticket to leave the stress of the day behind you and focus on a better tomorrow. Once you start to use your shower time as the cleansing ritual you deserve then every day you can look forward to that little piece of solitude that only The Wayfaring Stranger can provide.

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