Say 'Hello' to Pierre.

Pierre sports the finest acid wash denim available as a throwback to his rugged retro heritage. He has flexible 'one size fits most' closure at the rear and proudly sports the TWS logo in a branded leather monogram.

He was always a really charismatic guy that it was easy to look up to, so it came as no surprise when he left us to go travelling overseas. What was a surprise was when we heard years later that he had joined the French Foreign Legion.

Most of us thought that the Foreign Legion was something that only existed in Hollywood, but in hindsight, if anyone was going to do something that crazy it was always going to be Pierre. 

Growing up he would never quit, no matter what it was, he would give his all right up until the end. As it turns out that was what drew him to the Legion, apparently their motto is 'Honour and Fidelity'. He told us he "just wanted a challenge" so it made sense to us then that he had finally found somewhere to really test his limits. 

He's been deployed in Africa for years now, last time we saw him he seemed different. He still had that spark but it was a different kind of confidence, it was as if his eyes told the stories that his voice would not...

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