This is Clancy.

Clancy is made from a combination of denim suede and leather that channel the rugged materials found in the workwear and saddlery of a high country stockman. He has a snapback closure and bears the TWS logo in the form of a cattle branded monogram.

Most of his mates would say that Clancy is a bit 'flakey'. Women would probably call him "Emotionally Unavailable". Me, I just think he has learnt to enjoy his own company. 

You see Clancy has a tendency to just wander off. Sometimes there will be weeks at a time where nobody can reach him. Usually he heads up bush and spends his days riding but where he goes and what he does is a mystery to all of us. 

To be perfectly honest, most of us are a bit jealous of him really. We all sit here slaving away in our offices while he gets enjoy this life of freedom, coming and going as he pleases.

Don't get me wrong, he's a hard worker, he was always a hands on kind of guy that wasn't a stranger to an honest day's work. He just never seemed to have that same 'slave to job' mentality that most his mates do. Not sure he'd do too well in an office anyhow...


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